Dark Alley Denim started as a solution to a problem.  For Christmas one year, my husband purchased a firearm for me to carry as a means of protecting myself. I was extremely uncomfortable around it and didn’t know how to incorporate concealed carry into my daily routine. I felt intimidated and somewhat hopeless.  After much frustration, my husband finally began to understand my discomfort and and I told him i wished it were as simple as throwing on a pair of jeans.  I decided to explore this concept and began cutting up my own jeans in my living room.  Soon, hand customized jeans in every shape and size began selling on Etsy. Now, We are happy to share our completely customized solution to women who are seeking a simple, yet stylish concealed carry solution.


Currently, the only way for a woman to discreetly and confidently carry involves adding additional and complicated accessories to their wardrobe.  Since today's lifestyle is busy, often requiring us to juggle multiple responsibilities and constantly being on the go, the outdated holsters of the past are becoming more of a chore than a solution.  Most women (generally speaking), do not enjoy having to wear yet another strap or tight-fitting layer as they are already bothered with the task of special undergarments, purses, work bags, diaper bags, and everything else under the sun.  


Dark Alley Denim is designed to free the modern woman from added stress of strategically placed holsters and belly bands by offering a discreet, built-in pocket specially designed to fit a small to medium personal firearm (belt optional). The design also solves that awkward bathroom solution that no holster seems to address. 


Proudly sewn in the USA, Dark Alley Denim is helping women re-define the concealed-carry lifestyle and keep you feeling both confident and classy.